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"that facebook has alot to do with inter personal communications such as annuals yearbook aka facebook"

United States
Anonymous user  (2 years ago)

It can be such a very nice tool in the waking of the forms of constructive creating of self and circle(s).I figure that sometimes it can be hective especially for people with big attitudes and when that comes to play probably nothing really good can manifest, also many times family and how they go with school and education has relevance. Altogether it is a good and I do recommend it for people have a good time too find friends and members of faculty and reminisce.


"interesting tool"

United States
superbowl00  (3 years ago)

I am fascinated with how people progress and correspond and find this an interesting guide to memories and to acquire monetary status I think it can for me yet it has yet to make me employed or even rich, ill keep my fingers crossed for a second..


"Social network"

Anonymous user  (3 years ago)

Official and can be trusted.


"Very good website, never down. Very user friendly."

United Kingdom
adam  (3 years ago)

Very good website, never down. Very user friendly.



gaurav4you.com  (3 years ago)



"All my friends use it"

andrew  (3 years ago)

Facebook is a very useful site, all my friends use it.
Also maintained a lot better than MySpace was.

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